Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Pompitous of Love

Have you ever imagined what the true Dream Woman of your life really is? I'm not speaking about fantasies, lust, infatuation, or carnal desires. I'm talking about the woman that you share everything with, and I do mean EVERYTHING. That one person that knows so many things about you, that even blackmail is not the way to describe how much control she has. This woman knows how loud you snore. This woman understands you may not wash your hands after sneezing out hanabata before you shake her Daddy's hand. This woman knows how much you really like romantic comedies even though you say you don't out loud in front of your boys. We are talking about this woman.

Why is she a Dream Woman? The way I see it, I'm guaranteed going to share more than my bodily functionality and oddities with this person, and that's going to take a lot of time and trust. I've always believed this little bit of advice: the only way to truly be in love is to open yourself up so completely to someone that they have the power to completely hurt you like no else can. I imagine that's why it's taken me so long to get over my first love, if I truly have. I shared everything with that lady, all my hopes, all my dreams, everything I stood for, everything that made me the person I was. Damn right it hurt when I finally let it go, because to me, I think she let me go along time before. If you know me well, you know it's taken me YEARS. And I think a little bit of it lingers. Not alot so that I can't move forward, but just enough to remember.

So, you are probably wondering if I am moving forward. Well, history tells us that Mr. Keahi is a very slow mover when it comes to this thing. I spent six months just watching my first foray into love from afar, not making any moves. (stalkerish I know, but I had to be sure she wasn't a player) And then to top that off, we spent six months "being friends" without me making any big moves, just chilling. And then after I finally told her my true feelings, it took another 3 months just to get to the "relationship" portion of the thing. So yeah, I'm slow. I like to know what I'm getting into. I like to feel that I have a good judgement of character. I like to feel like I'm making sure that I give myself to someone worthy of the "Space Cowboy".

Yes, I'm being evasive, but if your still reading this, haven't you figured it out yet? Let's just say that I've gotten past the evaluation stage of my list. Yes, I've been working on this one for a long time now. Understand that there are many factors going into this decision, and that it's not as black and white as some people make relationships out to be. I know that this one values many of the same things that I do. I know that family is a very big thing. I know that my Hawaiian side will most def be represented with this one. I know that we could be something special. I just have to make sure we do it right. And I'm not rushing this by any stretch of the imagination. But I'll make you a few guarantees

She's gonna know everything about me, absolutely. She will understand everything that makes me tick and have the power to do as she will. But I have faith, my peeps. I truly believe that I can make it work. I just need to be smart, patient, and trustworthy. I think she knows, or we wouldn't have made it this far. I'm ready for whatever. Wish me luck! K

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