Friday, August 7, 2009

The Hall of the Mountain Kings

The night club industry can be strange. It's a place where people can live out their fantasies without really getting their hands dirty. People can envision themselves with anyone, at anytime, and play games with not only each other, but themselves. Some of the things that you see people become are completely unrelated to the thing that you normally associate them with, if you know them from another area of life. Guys pretend to be "Ballers" when you know they rode to the club in their Mom's Ultima. Ladies doll themselves up into whatever pin-up girl they looked at online or in a magazine, when normally they don't wear those type of clothing or makeup. And the big one: People act like they are something that they are completely not.

I guess the big question that I have being in this industry is why people want to change the way they are when they enter this "arena". Do they think they have to? Are they presenting some type of image? Have they got the impression that they have to do these type of behaviors to fit in with everyone else, who for the most part, are doing the same thing that everyone else is doing, pretending? Or maybe, is it their opportunity for the week to lose the other part of themselves and join a fictionally reality? Yes, I wonder about these types of things.

Let's clear the air of something before I continue. If you're new to my world, a few things about me you should know. I'm naturally a risk taker. Whether I'm in a club, at work, at play, risk excites me. I'm loud and fun-loving. I'm singing and dancing in every area of my life, at the Y, with my family, on hikes (unless I'm dead tired). I'm very demonstrative, when I want to be, no matter where I am. That's just who I am. The place I am located at doesn't determine the nature of my personality. My personality is the same all the time. Ask my friends, family, co-workers. They all have weird, crazy stories of me, all over the place, most I don't remember because they all seem so natural to me.

So I find it very funny that I now work in an industry that a lot of the people who partake of it act just like me, even though that's not what I know of them. The real strange part is when people need to "enhance" their experience (Alcohol, drugs, random sexual encounters, etc.) so they feel like they get the full experience. I find it hilarious! What comes natural to me, others need to augment and experiment to find this fun self. My guess as to why this happens is that the club has become the adult version of "Disneyland". (which I still find repulsive right now guys) It's that place where a person can lose themselves for hours and find happiness that is produced from others people's dreams.

My fun and my dreams are my own. Am I saying I don't enjoy the club? Of course I like it, more people are taking risk and enjoying themselves. I just wish that all of them would be true to themselves and act the way they would act outside the club, that's all. There's no need to front on who you are and why you are that way. We don't need to "blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol". We can be fun, honest people who like to have a good time, without acting someway in one place, and something else in the club. If your a club person, and you question why I wrote this, just know that I'm not directing this at you, unless you for yourself know that this represents you. I respect you all. Unfortunately, there are some people I have met(actually, alot of them) that are one way outside the club, and another way in it.

How did this post come about? Well, last night, someone that I have complete respect for told me something that blew my mind. I would have never suspected it from her. I've always held her as a beautiful lady with self-respect. What she said? Let's just say it was graphic. And my first thought, (after politely being the gentleman I always am and refusing) was "where the heck am I?" I was completely taken aback by it, yet that small whisper made me feel like I was in this place reserved for Kings or Gods, a place where men could have whatever women they wanted, whenever they wanted. It was a scary thought because I've never NEVER been the woman chasing type at the club. I leave that to Rick and the boys. But I know this happens to them all the time. However, for me, I don't want someone from the club. I want a woman from my own dreams. Someone who'll accept this over-fed, long haired leaping gnome for who he is.

But it was crazy y'all! It was almost like Eric Burdon and War talked about:

Spill the wine, and take that pearl!

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