Friday, July 31, 2009

Randomness defined

So, here I sit, trying to figure out some defined path that I'm supposed to take in this life. As usual, my flow has led me somewhere that I would never have expected even 5 years ago. I now work at Atherton YMCA as well for Rick Rock Productions, while keeping up a hiking addiction with Ryan. Life can be strange, with the different twists and turns that unexpectedly come up. Yet I've always been able to adapt, improvise, and overcome. Is that what I dreamed of as a kid?

I remember wanting to be a lawyer. I had no problem speaking my mind, I felt like lawyers could stand for people that couldn't stand for themselves. People make lawyer jokes all the time, but it ain't no joke when you need one. A good one. A strong one, one grounded with family values and character. I could literally see myself helping small children, single mothers, special needs kids that had no voice, young teens that just needed someone to believe in them when they made mistakes. That was what I thought I should do when I was young.

Funny how life gives you what you want, but not the way you pictured it or framed it in your mind. I've been able to affect so many lives in those situations by being the fun, carefree, loving individual that I am. Life has given me an opportunity through the Y to implement these "dreams" of mine. Life also gave me Radio, which allowed me to expand my reach and thought process, and make new friends and acquaintances. Life has given me my job with Rick, which I must admit at first I didn't see the plan clearly when I originally jumped on. But the one BIG thing that working with Rick has taught me is that we strive for excellence ALL the time. Even when we draw under expectation, we still do our best effort. Period.

I have now floated down the river of life and I'm at my current position. I'm still waiting for that Married thing. I hope it happens for me. I'm not one to force things, but I know that I must eventually get out and swing the bat. Be patient with me people. I know I'll make a connection soon enough. I think there are some things that need to be completed before that phase of me life comes down the river. I think sometimes people believe that I don't have a plan for my life except to take what comes and make the best of it. I will say this for myself: If you ever needed me to advocate for you for any reason, if you ever needed my help, if you ever felt some hopelessness in your life and needed someone to throw you a rope, I'd be there. Isn't that what a good lawyer is supposed to do for you in the first place?